Android Application Development Courses

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Cource Content

Android Application Development Course Contents

  • Styling of Views
  • Using Themes for styling Activities
  • Extending Android themes (Holo)

List Views and List Activity

  • List View
  • List Activity
  • Defining List Adapter
  • Performance Optimization

File based Persistence

  • Preferences
  • File and Access restrictions
  • Permissions


  • Androids security concept
  • Using Permissions
  • Defining Permissions

Network Communication

  • Apache HTTP Client
  • REST
  • XML

Asynchronous Processing in Android

  • Multitasking
  • User Interface Updates via Threads
  • Androids Limits - Application Not Responding
  • Using Handler for message communication
  • Using AsyncTask

SQLite and Content Provider

  • Using the SQLite Database in Android
  • Outlook: Using and defining Content Provider
  • Outlook: Loader
  • Services

    • Android System Services, Alert Manager, Vibrator Manager, etc
    • Outlook: Definition of own Services

    Broadcast Receiver

    • Definition of a Broadcast Receiver
    • Registration of own Broadcast Receiver

    Notification Manager

    • Using the Notification Manager
    • Notification Builder
    • Rich Notifications

    Canvas API for custom Views

    • Defining custom Views
    • Canvas API
    • View state persistence

    Location Services and Google Maps

    • Location based Services
    • Google Maps
    • Map-Overlays
    • Geo coding / Reverse Geo coding
    • Using GPS, Wifi, ...

    Home Screen Widgets

    • Remote Views and Pending Intents
    • Updates with a fixed time interval
    • Updates with Services

    Using Android Sensors

    • Accelerometer Remote Views and Pending Intents
    • Orientation
    • Camera

    Audio and Video

    • Playing and recording audio
    • Playing and recording video

    Professional Testing

    • Overview Android testing
    • Android Test Project Updates with a fixed time interval
    • Using Robotium

    Targeting Tablets and Smartphone’s

    • Overview Fragments
    • Multi-Pane Layouts with Fragments
    • Designing layouts for tablets and phones


    • Deployment Option
    • DURATION: 90HRs
    • FEES : 17000/- (Per student)